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JULY 13TH-14TH, 2020



The Israeli American Council (IAC) and

Tel Aviv University Online (TAU) - Innovative Learning Center invite all educators to a two-day E-Summit to reimagine the future of education.


Together with senior executives from EdTech and education innovation, leading academics and practitioners of soft skills development, we will learn best practices and models to take back to our informal and formal classroom settings.




kristen_dicerbo_Ph.D. _Chief Learning Of

Kristen DiCerbo, Ph.D.

Chief Learning Officer, Khan Academy

Daniel Serfaty.jpg

Daniel Serfaty

Founder & CEO, Aptima, Inc. Chairman, Aptima Ventures, IAC Council Member, Boston

shoham_nicolet_headshot (1).jpg

Shoham Nicolet

Co-Founder & CEO, Israeli-American Council (IAC)

Adi Altschuler.jpg

Adi Altschuler

Founder & CEO, Inclu - Special for All, Founder, Krembo Wings & Zikaron Basalon

Hila Korach.jpg

Dr. Hila Korach

Israeli Journalist, Television Hostess, Radio Presenter & Physician

Prof. Ashery.jpg

Prof. Uri Ashery

Head, Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

Ariel Raz.jpg

Ariel Raz

Head of Learning Collaborations | K12 Lab | Stanford d.school

Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch.jpg

Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch

Behavioral Neuroscientist , School of Education & Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel-Aviv University

Goren Gordon PhD, PhD MBA.JPG

Dr. Goren Gordon

Head of the Curiosity Lab, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman.jpg

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman

News Editor and Head of Online Content & Strategy for The Jerusalem Post

Elie Profile  - Copyaf.jpg

Elie Wurtman

Co-founder & Managing Partner, PICO Venture Partners

Clement Erbmann Photo.jpg

Clement Erbmann

Managing Director, First Analysis Corporation

Eran Raviv (1).jpg

Eran Raviv

Director, Campus-IL


Amira Aharonoviz

CEO & Director General, The Jewish Agency for Israel

Andres Spokoiny.jpg

Andrés Spoikny

President & CEO, Jewish Funders Network (JFN)

Michael Soberman.jpg

Michael Soberman

Senior Educational Consultant, The iCenter

Deena Fuchs.jpg

Deena Fuchs

Executive Vice President, Jewish Funders Network (JFN)

Jonah Wagan.png

Jonah Wagan

Associate Program Manager - Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC)

Efrat Levy.jpg

Dr. Efrat Levy

Assistant Professor, Empire State College


Rabbi Mordechai Harris

Executive Director, Center for Jewish Education (CJE) & Rabbi in Residence, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Lisa Klein.jpg

Lisa Klein

Managing Director of Jewish Education, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston

John Schwartz.jpg

John Schwartz

Head of Enterprise Global Business Development, edX


Erica Lockheimer

VP, Software Engineering, LinkedIn Learning


Prof. Michael M. Crow

President of Arizona State University

Yuval Shraibman.jpg

Yuval Shraibman

Founder & CEO, Tel Aviv University Online

Kathrin E Fleming.jpg

Prof. Katherine E. Fleming

Provost, New York University


Dr. Michal Tsur

Co-founder & President, Kaltura

Manette Mayberg 6plus.jpg

Manette Mayberg

Trustee of the Mayberg Foundation & Founder of JEIC

Roie Deutsch.jpg

Roei Deutsch

Co-founder & CEO, Jolt.io

Shira Ruderman.JPG

Shira Ruderman

Director, Ruderman Family Foundation & IAC Council Member, Boston

Yael Biber Aviad.jpeg

Yael Biber Aviad

Principal of Alonim school, targeting the 21 century challenges

Mor Gilboa.jpg

Mor Gilboa

Staff Technical Program Manager, LinkedIn Learning

Prof. Liad Mudrik.jpg

Prof. Liad Mudrik

School of Psychological Science & Sagol School of Neuroscience

Tikvah Wiener.jpg

Tikvah Wiener

Head of The Idea School & Institute

Eric Smaller.jpg

Eric D. Fingerhut

President & CEO, The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)


Paul Bernstein

Founding Chief Executive Officer, Prizmah

Binnie Swislow.jpg

Binnie Swislow

Director of Public High School Hebrew Teacher Network, The iCenter

Avi Orlow.jpg

Rabbi Avi Orlow

Vice President, Innovation & Education, Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC)

Vardit Ringvald.jpg

Dr. Vardit Ringvald

Director of the Middlebury School of Hebrew, and C.V. Starr Research Professor of Language and Linguistics, Middlebury College

Orit Mitzner.jpeg

Orit Mitzner

National Senior Director of Programs, Israeli-American Council (IAC)

Julie Lieber.JPG

Dr. Julie Lieber

Chief Jewish Life & Engagement Officer, Jewish Colorado

Richard Moline.JPG

Richard Moline

Assistant Vice President, Israel Education, JUF Chicago

Barbara Oakley.jpg

Prof. Barbara Oakley

Instructor for the MOOC "Learning How to Learn," Professor of Engineering, Oakland University

Prof Ariel Porat.jpg

Prof. Ariel Porat

President of Tel Aviv University


Prof. Yoav Shoham

Professor emeritus, Stanford University and Co-founder, WeCode

Gabe Zichermann.jpg

Gabe Zichermann

Author, Host, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Gamification.co. Co-Founder, Onward

BenNelsonPhoto - Copy.jpg

Ben Nelson

Founder, Chairman & CEO, The Minerva Project

Maayan Yavne.jpg

Maayan Yavne

Co-founder & CEO, Tailor-ED

BradleyHeilman1 - Copy.jpg

Bradley Heilman

Co-founder & CEO, Exploros

Inbal Chameides.jpg

Inbal Chameides

Co-founder & Managing Director, P.I.E Challenge

Ruti Polachek May2019.jpg

Ruth Polachek

Founder & CEO, she codes

Ady Kayrouz headshot .jpeg

Ady Sukkar Kayrouz

High Tech High Graduate, School of Education Program Coordinator, Founder, Teenroots

Zvi Galisdg.jpg

Prof. Zvi Galil

Frederick G. Storey Chair in Computing & Executive Advisor to Online Programs, Georgia Institute of Technology


Noa Oron

Director of Global Business Development, Kaltura

Sharon Freundel - 2018.jpg

Sharon Freundel

Managing Director, Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC)

Jeremy J. Fingerman.jpg

Jeremy J. Fingerman

CEO, Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC)

Lori Palatnik.jpg

Lori Palatnik

Founding Director, Momentum

marc wolf new pic.jpg

Marc Wolf

Vice President, Field Advancement, Prizmah

Professor Kenneth W Stein.jpg

Prof. Kenneth Stein

Founding President of the Center for Israel Education (CIE)

Tomer Grossman.jpeg

Tomer Grossman

Director of the Innovation & Technology Department, Religious Sector, Israel’s Ministry of Education

Shelley Kedar.jpg

Shelley Kedar

Founding Director, The Shlichut Institute, The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

Amnon Ophir.jpg

Amnon Ophir

Director of @akiva and the JEC Adolescent Initiative, Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

Beth Cousens headshot small.jpg

Dr. Beth Cousens

Associate Vice President, Jewish Education & Engagement, Jewish Federations of North America



Data Driven Education & Personalization

Disruptive Innovation in Education

From Soft Skills to Core Skills

Algorithms today can analyze learners’ behavior both online and offline. What are some of the issues regarding privacy and data reliability – let alone access to resources – that educators need to consider?

Online courses, educational software, social networking tools, and other emerging technologies are disrupting the traditional classroom environment. Which learning management systems or collaborative platforms are you looking at for your educational setting?

What skills do students need to succeed once they are in the workforce?  How can we help students develop interpersonal and communication skills? And what about time management and creative problem solving?

The Future of Higher Ed

Innovative Education for Social Change

Gamification In Education

What is the right balance between online and offline learning? Do students really need a four-year residential experience? What training efforts are required for faculty and students to facilitate changes in learning and teaching mindsets and behaviors?

Innovative education increases social mobility and diversity.  Promoting STEM learning for all genders and/or including students with special needs in public school settings to name a few.  What are some of the issues that you are wrestling with? What are the most pressing?

The explosion of apps and programs are dizzying! What is the role of gamification in education? How can students and educators navigate this field? How can students learn the benefits of failing through this modality?


DAY 1 - July 13th

DAY 2 - July 14th

Harnessing the Perfect Storm: Higher Ed Leadership Post Covid-19 | 12:00 pm (EST)

Opening Notes by Prof. Michael M. Crow

Panel Discussion: Ben Nelson, Prof. Katherine E. Fleming, Prof. Ariel Porat; Moderated by Yuval Shraibman

Changemakers: Education for Social Change | 12:40 pm (EST)

Adi Altschuler, Shira Ruderman; Moderated by Elie Wurtman

Disruptive Innovation in Education: Challenging Traditional Models | 1:00 pm (EST)

Prof. Yoav Shoham

Lifelong Learning | 1:20 pm (EST)

Erica (Ewing) Lockheimer; Moderated by Mor Gilboa

The New Frontiers: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, and Education | 1:40 pm (EST)

Prof. Uri Ashery, Daniel Serfaty; Moderated by Dr. Hila Korach

The Power of Data: Data Driven Education & Personalization Startups | 2:00 pm (EST)

Maayan Yavne, Bradley Heilman; Moderated by Clement Erbmann

Zooming in with the Funders: The Future of Jewish Education | 2:20 pm (EST)

Manette Mayberg; Moderated by Andrés Spokoiny

Zooming in with Jewish Organizational Leaders: The Future of Jewish Education | 2:40 pm (EST)

Andrés Spokoiny, Paul Bernstein, Jeremy Fingerman, Eric D. Fingerhut, Amira Aharonovitz; Moderated by Shoham Nicolet

IAC OFEK U – TAU OUT Joint Venture | 3:20 pm (EST)


Opening Notes | 12:00 pm (EST)

The Trailblazers: Educating with Technology | 12:10 pm (EST)

Kristen DiCerbo, Ph.D., John Schwartz; Moderated by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman

Realtime Learning Experience: Keeping Students Engaged in Digital Learning | 12:30 pm (EST)

Dr. Michal Tsur, Roei Deutsch; Moderated by Noa Oron

On the Move: From Soft Skills to Core Skills | 12:50 pm (EST)

Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch, Dr. Goren Gordon, Prof. Barbara Oakley; Moderated by Prof. Liad Mudrik

Solving for Engagement | 1:20 pm (EST)

Inbal Chameides, Ruth Polachek; Moderated by Eran Raviv

Expert Talk - Gamifying Failure | 1:40 pm (EST)

Gabe Zichermann

Expert Talk - The Art of Successful Educational Videos | 2:00 pm (EST)

Noa Oron

The Spotlight on Principals | 2:20 pm (EST)

Ady Sukkar Kayrouz, Yael Biber Aviad, Tikvah Wiener; Moderated by Sharon Freundel

Expert Talk - Design Thinking | 2:50 pm (EST)

Ariel Raz

Within the System: Driving Change at Traditional Institutions | 3:10 pm (EST)

Prof. Zvi Galil; Moderated by Yuval Shraibman

DAY 2 - Breakout Sessions | 3:30 pm (EST)

Breaking the boundaries of Hebrew language education (In Hebrew) | פורצים גבולות בהוראת העברית

Binnie Swislow, Director of Public High School Hebrew Teacher Network at The iCenter
Tomer Grossman, Director of the Innovation & Technology Department Religious Sector, Israel’s Ministry of Education
Dr. Vardit Ringvald, Director of the Middlebury School of Hebrew, and C.V. Starr Research Professor of Language and Linguistics at Middlebury College Middlebury’s School of Hebrew

Through the Screen: Relational Learning in a Time of Digital Innovation

Michael Soberman, Senior Educational Consultant for The iCenter 
Lori Patalnik, Founding Director, Momentum 

Beyond Summer 2020: What is the Future of Jewish Summer Camp?

Rabbi Avi Orlow, Vice President, Innovation and Education at the Foundation for Jewish Camp
Jonah Wagan, Associate Program Manager, Foundation for Jewish Camp

Blended and Online Learning in Jewish day school - Coronavirus and Beyond

Marc Wolf Vice President, Field Advancement Prizmah

Paul Bernstein Chief Executive Officer Prizmah

Jewish Federations: Helping Jewish Learning Thrive, in COVID-19 and Beyond

Rabbi Mordechai Harris, Executive Director, Center for Jewish Education (CJE) & Rabbi in Residence, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas 
Dr. Julie Lieber, Chief Jewish Life & Engagement Officer, JewishColorado
Amnon Ophir, Director of @akiva and the JEC Adolescent Initiative, Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Lisa Klein, Managing Director of Jewish Education, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston 
Richard Moline, Assistant Vice President, Israel Education, JUF Chicago
Dr. Beth Cousens, Associate Vice President, Jewish Education & Engagement, Jewish Federations of North America

Funding Jewish Education

Andrés Spokoiny, President & CEO, Jewish Funders Network
Deena Fuchs, Executive Vice President, Jewish Funders Network

Innovation and creative thinking in the midst of a global crisis: the story of Zionist youth movements

Dr. Efrat Levy, Assistant Professor Empire State college

Isra-Ed-Tech: Innovating Israel Education and Engagement

Prof. Kenneth Stein, Founding President CIE - Center for Israel Education
Orit Mitzner, National Senior Director of Programs IAC - Israeli American council
Shelley Kedar, Founding Director, The Shlichut Institute Jafi- The Jewish Agency for Israel


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